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650nm Low Level Laser - 635-nm Low Level Laser penetrates a few millimeters of fat and creates an interaction which results in creating a temporary pore where the released fat is taken. The excess fat contents are flushed away through the lymphatic circulatory system.
RF - heating is volumetric and affects mainly the upper skin layers epidermis and upper dermis resulting wrinkle reducing effectiveness.
The Vacuum - It helps opening the lymph nodes and stimulates what is called lymph drainage- flushing away body waste and toxins. It also improves the blood circulation in the treated area and helps to improve the effectiveness of treatment hence can be used as a post-care.


Established under Z-TON GROUP Corporation, Z-TON ES BIO is a medical cosmetics company aiming to become a leading brand in its field with professional team members from all over the world.
Our young talents with fresh and innovative ideas that came together with highly qualified and experienced experts allow us keep the pace of the market trends and development while we rely on deep understanding and vast knowledge base.
Due to the increasing demand for a better look in our days, cosmetics sector is one of fastest growing industries in the world which is also the reason for the tremendous increase in the number cosmetics companies.
Thousands of companies produce numerous cosmetic and aesthetic equipment products which makes it difficult for customers to choose the best ones to meet their needs. Hence, we, as Z-TON ES BIO offer our customers a unique and comprehensive product line that brings together all the best a world brand has to offer.